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The launch of a mobile app is unsuccessful until you get it optimized and marketed in front of the right audience. The mobile app is a powerful business asset and with the right marketing, you can make it more powerful. We at Marketing Ali Mama help in the promotion of your mobile app on different paid and organic platforms. Marketing Ali Mama is reputed as the top mobile app marketing agency for its tailored and efficient app marketing strategy. It’s the right time to boost your mobile app’s audience, traffic, installs, reviews, ratings and in-app purchases.


  • We’ve successfully helped multiple mobile applications to grab the top position in Google Play Store.

  • We have experience of working with apps from different areas including gaming, fashion, chat, education, real estate, finance, hospitality, travel, entertainment and more…

  • We have different methodologies and algorithms that will rapidly boost the visibility of your app on Google Play Store.

  • Get the best services from a leading mobile app marketing agency in Phnom Penh & create a profitable business out of your app.

Delivering reliable mobile app marketing services from years

Digital Marketing Agency has become an important part of our lives. For chatting to shopping to banking to entertainment to education, we are doing everything via mobile applications. As of 2017, there were 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store and the number is increasing rapidly. So, how can you expect to grow in this competitive landscape without marketing?

The success of a mobile app immensely depends upon the marketing strategy you implement. Every successful mobile app like TikTok, Netflix, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Instagram and Facebook has been following a robust marketing technique for immense growth in this highly competitive market. So, if you also want to turn your app into a success story then avail the best mobile app marketing service in Cambodia from Marketing Ali Mama . The expert and well-experienced the mobile app marketing team at Marketing Ali Mama creates an impactful and personalized mobile app marketing strategy for the best growth results.

Our Mobile App Marketing Strategy

We follow a unique approach to reach the targeted audience in a short span of time. With our techniques, we make sure the application is accessible and wins millions of users from all over the world. With our experience in creating app store marketing strategies, we ensure that your mobile device has everything that it takes to hit the top position in the App Store. Our team uses the right tactics according to the latest trends to leave the business competitors behind and hit the top rank. This turns into improved exposure and traffic, which implies more sales for the product and more clients for the customer’s company. Our unique approach towards application marketing is as follows –

  • Competitor and keyword analysis

  • Understanding your key marketing goals and metrics

  • Finding the right app marketing channels for rapid growth

  • Understanding your target audience according to business

  • Determining the potential market that is relevant to your app

  • Creating a power-packed app launch plan for timely success

  • Driving continuous growth and traffic to your app

  • Providing actionable analytics data.

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Pre-Launch Strategy
Our team of experienced mobile app marketing experts crafts robust pre-launch mobile app strategies that bring 100% success. We understand the entire scenario and create a strategy to generate user interest.
App Store Optimization
Once your application is launched successfully, we improve its visibility in the app store by focusing on the right keywords. By using the right keywords, titles, and descriptions, we optimize your app and enhance its visibility.
User Engagement
Although quality, innovation, and efficiency mean a lot, marketing is also critical for the success of an app. We build a successful post-launch marketing campaign to engage customers with the application and develop strong bonds with them. We promote an app with videos, podcasts, social media, press releases, in-app advertising, etc.
The approach involves monitoring the customer during the entire life cycle of the device. The research empowers one with valuable data related to the users that can be used to boost the presence of the application for long-term customer engagement.
App Install Campaigns
We develop campaigns to boost the number of installations of the application. The higher the installations, the higher the customers’ trust. We help in maximizing your application traffic and engagement with our app installation campaigns.
App Reputation Management
Management of the reputation of a business mobile application is extremely important. We increase the number of positive reviews and ratings to improve the reputation of your application.
App marketing campaigns
We develop creative app marketing campaigns to boost the traffic on your mobile applications. By using different social media platforms, we build engagement and expand your application’s footsteps.

Marketing Ali Mama is a leading Mobile App Marketing Company that provides comprehensive mobile app marketing solutions to customers. We can really help your business get to the next level with our amazing Mobile App Marketing Service in Phnom Penh. Get in touch for detailed discussion!


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