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Mobile app growth through app store optimization services

Get your Android and iOS mobile app promoted in an advanced way with Marketing Ali Mama. We are a leading App Store Optimization Agency that follows the right techniques to keep your app to the top, far ahead of your competitors. If you are ready to grow your app economically, then we are here to help you.


  • Applications optimized by us have got more organic traffic and downloads.

  • We rank among the top App Store Optimization companies in Cambodia.

  • We work hard to improve the rank and attractiveness of an app to boost its organic traffic.

  • We have an expert team that uses the latest tools, strategies and data for the overall app growth.

  • We have the experience to increase your app’s brand awareness, downloads and more.

The mobile application market is constantly boosting, as the number of application from each area is increasing. One-third of the world’s population owns a smartphone, so having a mobile application for your business increases your chances to turn the entire mobile users into your customer base. If you want to rank up in your business then get your mobile applications optimized. As mobile application marketing is constantly shifting, your mobile app marketing goals should also shift along with it.

Get tailored app store optimization services in Cambodia from Marketing Ali Mama to push your app to the top rank. We follow a unique approach to improve the visibility of your mobile application in app stores. This improved exposure continues to result in more visits to the app pages in the app store. The aim of App Store Optimization is to bring more traffic to the pages of the apps so that searchers can take practical action: downloading your app. App Store Optimization matters a lot for the success of your mobile application in this competitive market.

Why choose Marketing Ali Mama for App Store Optimization services?

We focus on achieving the three most important goals while optimizing a mobile app –

  • Creating your brand’s face with power-packed app marketing strategies.
  • Focusing on relevant keywords, titles, descriptions, logos, reviews and more.

  • Increasing the number of app installations.

    If you are not satisfied with the performance of your mobile application, then you must get it optimized. Marketing Ali Mama is a reputed app store optimization company in Phnom Penh that has worked with clients from various business verticals. We have a highly-efficient app store optimization team that creates 360-degree strategies to increase the popularity of your app on app stores globally. Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. You can get in touch with us anytime and we’ll help you see the growth of your brand’s app in a short span.

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In order to move forward towards your business goals, we follow a unique and effective approach.
Keyword research
We research and analyze the most relevant keywords to drive the most potential customer base to your mobile application. Effective and relevant keywords need to be added in all descriptions, reviews, articles of application.
Icon optimization
Application icons create the first impression on customers. They actually make people click on your app. So, we let our designers create the best icon that enhances the aesthetics of the app. We work for iOS and Android apps and maximize the number of their organic installations by improving their icons.
Banners, pictures, logo
Visually communication is important while creating an app. If your app is not visually appealing then it cannot attract customers. We develop many other things that improve the visuals of a mobile application.
Writing descriptions
We have App Store Optimization writers who create the most attractive description embedded with the right keywords. The description of a mobile application plays a major role in attracting and making the users install your mobile app. We improvise content available on your mobile application to make it optimization ready.
Screenshot optimization
Clients are always curious to know how the app will appear on their screen. Application screenshots help your customers visualize the look of the app on their mobile screen. We highlight the best features, colors and designs so that the viewer gets attracted towards the app and downloads it.
Improving the number of installations
Our prior goal is to improve the number of application installations. We optimize your application organically on multiple platforms to increase the number of its users globally.
Customer retention
Post app download, the retention of the user is the next challenge. Our team of application optimization experts follows the latest tactics to increase the interest of users in your mobile application.

We are the experts in optimizing an application!

Marketing Ali Mama is a leading App Store Optimization company that combines its years of experience with precision to bring the best results. We prioritize transparent communication with our customers to build a strong relationship with them. If you want to invest your money in the right way, then choose the right service provider. Contact us today and we’ll guide you with the best strategies that bring proven success.

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