Who We Are


最聪明的营销头脑 探索数字营销的世界听起来好像是漂浮在大海洋上而寻找技术的密秘 可疑又复杂的策略 这就是阿里妈妈致力于多家企业提供多渠道数字营销解决方案 我们由多元化专业人士组成的独立团队为您的业务不断发展提供解决方案。 我们致力于您公司提供良好的市场增长计划。 从网站设计到数字营销,我们可以以最好的方式支持您的品牌。


  •  位于柬埔寨金边取得非常成功数字营销机构SEO公司
  • 自从2007年以来一直担任负责帮客户解决广告和数字营销
  • 通过在线营销点燃了 2000 多家企业的增长
  • 乙执行成功了5000多个品牌数字营销活动
  • 我们曾与无数来自不同的企业家合作过

Who we are?

Ali Mama is a team of creative, logical minds helmed by Mr. Vicheth. He has over 12 years of rich experience in the IT & Marketing industry. He’s a renowned mentor of thousands of digital marketing career, aspirants. From the YouTube Channel named Ali Mama, Mr. Ma rks is providing free digital marketing training to the aspirants. After the success of “Quick Media Solution” and “Media Marketing” he is aspiring to build “Ali Mama” as the top digital marketing agency in Cambodia. Ali Mama is a sub-brand of “DG Software,” a leading digital marketing agency. He wants to accelerate the growth of digital marketing with Ali Mama. With his unique mix of creative skills, he’s delivered success to 2000+ brands and the number is growing every passing year. Since 2007, he’s been working with big as well as small brands operating with big aspirations.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ma rks, Ali Mama is running its operations with a mission to unlock the potential of businesses. With the right digital marketing solutions, we aim to empower growing organizations. Ali Mama has the knowledge and potential to design intricate digital marketing campaigns for every business. Our popularity derives from our ability to stay ahead of the latest digital marketing trends. We have exposure to the new technology and resources that many of our competitors don’t have. Our research and development team of experts ensures that we remain at the forefront when it comes to delivering effective, creative digital marketing strategies for our customers.

Traits that make a digital marketing company successful

Optimizing a brand in this the digital sea is quite a complicated process. Every digital marketing company is at a different stage. Following is the list of traits that every leading digital marketing agency must possess.

  • The company should run its operations under the leadership of an expert digital marketer that work in sync with the team. The team of a top digital marketing agency should have the ability to accept ever-changing digital marketing trends.

  • Creativity is what makes a brand stand-out-of-the-crowd. Creative campaign is synonymous with digital marketing. The digital marketing company should possess a quality to think creatively and design campaigns for success.

  • Targeting global audience should be the first goal of a digital marketing agency along with user engagement and lead generation. The agency should possess strong skills that can help a business drive growth. The team should be passionate to deliver growth.

  • Make sure the company is trustworthy, affordable, hardworking, dedicated and reliable. They should worth your investment.

  • The final skill of a digital marketing agency is that it should have the ability to think strategically. They should be serious about your goals and follow the best course of actions.

As a leading digital marketing company in Cambodia, we move to develop impressive marketing strategies that will give your business a sustainable competitive advantage over other businesses. From growing your customer base to building your brand online, we assure you taking where you wish to be. We want to develop a healthy and long term relationship with our clients and that’s why we contribute to the continued growth of your business. We are committed to helping you grow and creating a strong foundation of your business via –

Talk to our experts by dialing +855 098 527 007

Why choose Marketing Ali Mama as your Digital Marketing Partner?

Eyes on the goals
Once we set the long term goals for the growth of a brand, there is no challenge that is too big to stop us from achieving our goals. We keep our eyes on the vision that we have for the success of your business.
Have a winner’s mentality
We have a mentality that only winners possess in the digital marketing industry. Winning quality and potential have ingrained in the minds of our founder to employees. We set some realistic goals and then create the best strategies to achieve them and get the taste of winning.
A certified digital agency
We’ve been operating digital marketing solutions since 2007 and have become a Google certified digital agency. Our team of experts has the ability to build a strong presence of your business on all social media platforms as well as Google. We are continually innovating and growing.
A long list of satisfied customers
We’ve worked with more than 2000 satisfied customers from all over the nation. We are not just building a relationship; we are building an alliance with all the clients we work with. Everything is transparent between us and our customers. We and our customers share the same vision of success.
Industry expertise
We have a highly-potential team of digital marketers, content developers, graphic designers and social media experts. They’ve been proactive in building the skills that help them grow and go the extra mile. We have a proven record of our expertise.


We at Ali Mama encourage knowledge and professional growth. Our founder, Mr. Ma rks has become a well-known face in the online digital marketing training industry. Students who want to acquire the best digital marketing skills must visit the official YouTube channel of Ali Mama . The entire course is taught by Mr. Ma rsk. Google certified professional with extensive experience in the industry. To give new dimensions to your digital marketing career, visit the official YouTube channel of Ali Mama .